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  • Oil & Filter change

  • Power steering fluid checked

  • Transmission fluid checked

  • Washers with soap additive

  • Radiator reservoir - Coolant

  • Break Fluid

  • Polish headlights (If applicable)

  • Check wiper blades

  • Wash windows

  • Fill in service book



Express Lube

Established 2021.


Waimea vehicle testing has been doing oil changes since 2008.

We have now expanded our oil change service to a dedicated third lane which is Express Lube.


Waimea Vehicle Testing Station and Express Lube is a locally owned and operated business where you can rely on receiving the best results for your money and vehicle.


Our friendly team of fully qualified mechanics and lube masters will show you to our comfortable waiting room which offers free WIFI, vending and coffee machines.  With large windows, you can watch our experienced and skilled A-team fly through your vehicles service.


Our team of Lube masters work closely alongside Valvoline to ensure that your vehicle receives the highest quality products that are recommended and specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.



Brake Pad Replacment

From $130.00

Takes anywhere from an hour


Tyre rotation

From $20.00

depending on Vehicle


Wiper and light bulbs

From $10.00

Takes 10-15 minutes depending on your vehicle


Tyre rotation

From $20.00

depending on Vehicle


Tie rod ends

From $70.00


Steering rack boots

From $50.00



All of these services vary in price depending on the time and parts required .

Because all cars are different, we believe its best not to put exact time frames on vehicle services. 



How long does it take?

Depending on the type of vehicle you have and how easy the oil filter is to access anywhere from 10-30 minutes

Can I BYO Oil and Filter?

You can bring your own oil and filters, however it is likely to be cheaper if you use our products as we are buying in bulk

How much does it cost?

Starting from $99 for a regular filter and 4 liters of oil.  Every additional liter of oil is $10.00.

Specific filters may incur additional cost 

Can you change break pads?

We replace/ service Break Pads, Tie Rod ends, Steering Rack boots, Wipers, Rotate Tyres and change Light Bulbs

Do I need to book?

Just turn up and we will perform your service as soon as possible.

How will I know when to get my next service?

We will afix a sticker to your windscreen with the next service date and we will send you a reminder closer to the time.

How often should I get my car serviced?

You should have your car checked / serviced every 10,000km

or once a year.

(which ever comes first)




For any inquiries,  please call: 03-544 3969 or fill out the following form

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Located at Waimea Vehicle Testing

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